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Spoil Yourself With Guilt-Free Vegan Dishes and Drinks

For nutritious dishes and desserts bursting with flavors, look no further than Baagan in San Ramon, California. We offer a wide variety of vegan meals and beverages perfect for health-conscious individuals and those who are on diet.

What Make Us Different

  • Our restaurant was established by local women who were healed by having a healthy lifestyle. We’re happy to serve healthy vegan dishes and beverages.

  • Our menu is comprised of organic, affordable, and healthy “fast food” meals.

  • Our handmade food is free of artificial colors and flavorings. Thus, most of our products are gluten-free.

  • Our products are also free of dairy, GMOs, soy, peanut, and palm oil, making them ideal for allergic individuals.

  • Our restaurant doesn’t use refined sugar or high-fructose sweeteners.

  • We only use fresh, raw, and organic ingredients from local farmers and companies. These ingredients include nuts,                vegetables, fruits, grains and seeds etc.

  • We specialize in formulating Ayurvedic and Indian/East Asian spices and tea.

  • We approach sustainable practices in the restaurant.

  • Though our food is guilt-free, we always make sure that they are flavorful, fresh, and delicious.