Baagan: Fresh Healthy Vegan Cafe - How is Baagan different?
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How is Baagan different from other smoothie shops and cafés?
We are proud to be different because...
  • Baagan restaurant was created by local women who healed via a healthy lifestyle and happily serve only healthy vegan foods.
  • Our foods are high-quality and mostly organic yet affordable (healthy "fast casual food").
  • Our foods are handmade and free of artificial colors and flavorings.
  • Almost everything is gluten-free.
  • Our products are dairy-free, vegan, GMO-free, soy-free, peanut-free, palm-oil free, and very allergy-friendly.
  • We do not use refined sugar or high glycemic-index sweeteners.
  • We use fresh raw nuts, not packaged nut milks and butters.
  • We use some raw and mostly organic ingredients and buy from local farmers/companies.
  • We specialize in ayurvedic and Indian/East Asian spices, tea, and ingredients and offer them in some of our products.
  • Though our food is guilt-free, it's important to us that it's also absolutely flavorful, fresh, and DELICIOUS!