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"Wow, the kale salad is unbelievably amazing!!!  I love it!"
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, public speaker, chef, and author of The Joy of Vegan Baking, The Vegan Table, Color Me Vegan, and more
"Food was very fresh and flavorful.  So glad to finally have a place like this in Roseville!"
Gangotri , founder of Veera Yoga, Roseville, CA
"I am DYING over this avocado kale salad! I am sitting here at my desk having major convulsions of ecstasy! Thanks for making my day!"
Amy M., Rocklin, CA
"Nothing else out there quite like this.  Feels so healthy.  I love it!"
Debby Schrader
"Indian Lentil w/Squash (Soup) unbelievable and amazing experience in my mouth!!!"
Jack Nordby
"So healthy and fresh! I love that I can finally get a gluten free dairy free sandwich in town and your peanut butter chocolate smoothie was amazing!"
Lori Ivey
"I love this place!  Healthy alternative to eating on the go."
Tori Turner

"The food and service is always wonderful"
R. Tom Evans

"The food here at Baagan is so full of texture, taste and aroma.  It is the best organic food I have put into my body. I Love this place and the staff/owner are sooooo sweet"
Kris Cady

"Amazing food and amazing atmosphere!  Great place to relax, meet and eat!"
Jaime Scheg

"was totally delicious, thanks for the snacks and lunch!"
Jen, owner of Never Felt Better vegan shop, Sacramento, CA
"Gluten free bread surprisingly tasty"
"Ummmm, I think about your food all day. What did you do to me?!?! LOL"
Kimberly B, Roseville, CA

"I am delighted to have found you! I will be back many times and plan to spread the word. I left with a kale salad and couldn't wait to get home to eat it. Delicious! And the tea? Amazing! Thank you for coming to the area....we needed you!"
Cathy in Lincoln

"Thank you again for offering healthy, amazing food in our area. Not only is the food great, but the service is outstanding. My new favorite place to eat :)"
Malissa Doe, Carmichael, CA

"It's delicious, organic, and exceptionally healthy.  Thank you for your great products."
Deborah Marcus

"Awesome food!  Loved that you offer samples of the soup.  Great Service"

"Thank you for providing such high-quality healthy inexpensive food.  I'll be back and tell my friends!"
Jenni Fogle

"Very pleasant atmosphere which exudes health and contentment.  The Indian Lentil soup is light, flavorful, and delicious.  The chocolate and banana soft serve dessert has a nice soft ice cream texture and is scrumptious and rich tasting."
Phil Davidson
"Loved everything!!! We will definitely be back soon. Meanwhile, we are spreading the word!!! Really, REALLY, good food! ... Glad we tried so many of the very best savor-full lunches we've ever had!" 
Bethany from Antelope, CA

 "I can not believe how creamy this ice cream is and that it's only made from fresh fruit!" 
Shane from AAA Insurance Co., Roseville, CA

"Will be back!  Love it!"
Michelle Pedroni

"Love the kale chips & well everything was full of flavor and so great!
W Callaway
"Love this place!!  It's the real thing, accept no substitutes."
Kathleen Titus
"everything was fantastic!"
Philomene Larson
"Fresh!!  Awesome!!  Double awesome!!
David Ivey
"Your Raw Donut Holes are extremely addictive. The 5 months old baby in my tummy surely agrees!"
Sierika Santos
"Just picked up some more kale chips. Love them!!"
Melanie Thomson
"I love this place!  The lentil soup was my favorite!!"
Brady James
"Love this place, nice people, great food, super duper."

"educational and relaxing"
"Amazing lunch today!  ♥'d the Kale salad and soup."
Michelle Segur
"Spiritual eating"
Carly S., from in-store Comment Card
"Checked out Baagan for the first time today and am in love! My veggie sandwich was absolutely perfect with a rainbow of fresh, perfectly cut veggies. My daughter loved her garden salad that was equally amazing. My son loved his "PB & J" with almond butter and fresh plum jam! We topped it off with the Chocolate ice cream with was perfect for such a hot day! I was surprised at how affordable everything on the menu was! We will be back very soon!"
Krystle H., Roseville, CA
"Fresh Great Tasting Healthy Food. Baagan is ahead of their time. This is the way of the Future for Preserving & Healing your Health. Forward Thinking and most important, DELICIOUS! "  
Donna Long, Granite Bay, CA
"I love this place, smells good, nice people."
"Had the most delicious veggie sandwich today! Thank you for bringing such healthy food to Roseville / Rocklin! Looking forward to trying the rest of the menu."
Tina Chua
"I am impressed!  Everything was tasty and what's even better - it's good for you!!!"
Anonymous, posted on our web site
“Out of this world!  Everything was not only delicious, it was a wonderful experience!  We are definitely coming back!"
Linda Young from Roseville, CA
"We are Vegans who enjoy eating out...sometimes that can be tough. After we saw Baagan on Living Social we knew we had to try it out. We Loved the kale salad, lentil soup, veggie sandwich and Chocolate Shake! Delicious food, free Wi-Fi, and everyone was incredibly kind and helpful. Our first trip to Baagan was great and we will definitely be back. And now that I see you have gluten free bread I think I'll try a sandwich. In the mean time we are telling everyone about you."
Anonymous, posted on our web site

“Wow, that is stunning!”  (about the soft serve ice cream)
Ken from Granite Bay, CA 
“You should charge more -- they are really good!”
Palak from Roseville, CA
"I am very picky. I'm a hamburger-with-mustard-only guy.  But I really like this shake and ice cream.  I also really like the tea."
Greg from AAA Insurance Co., Roseville, CA
“Wow, that is really really good." 
Terry from Rocklin, CA 
“This was all fantastic! I'm your new biggest fan!” 
Andee from General Produce Co., Sacramento, CA
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